Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try as You May, I Will Not Give Up

I'm currently on hold with customer service for and truly believe they want me to hang up the phone and not bother to have the issues with my order corrected.  Why?  Because they are playing some obnoxious tune that is the most popular track on Spanish Sounds by The Super Mario Brothers.  They are also playing it at a volume that would only be appropriate for Helen Keller; in fact, Helen Keller must work there and must have been responsible for filling my order, an order that included 8,000 envelopes that were the wrong size.  Yep, some warehouse d-bag packed 16 boxes of notecards and envelopes with 8-tuh-thousand envelopes that are too big for the notecards.  I'm sitting on hold so Anna can get clearance to overnight the envelopes to me, as I need the sets of notecards to go out on Monday and have students ready to pack 1,000 notecard boxes tomorrow.  I called and spoke to Wanette yesterday, and she didn't know what size the envelopes should be and told me to call back after my entire order came in.  I spoke to Nevin today, and he told me the same...but actually took the time to find out the size of the envelopes I should be expecting.  Anna has kept me on hold...wait.....

(listening to Anna tell me about how busy her supervisor is and that she can't make a you the decision...yada yada yada...hang up)

So, I'm stuck waiting again.

I hate waiting.  I hate people who wait uneccessarily (I can't spell that word and refuse to look it up at the moment, so please correct me in a comment if it bothers you to no end).   There are parents at my school who get in the carpool line as early as 1:30...some used to be in line at 12:45, when carpool doesn't let out until 2:45pm.  They are intent on not getting stuck waiting in the carpool line, so they wait at the front (or in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place) for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.  I want to walk down the line and hit these stupid people in the head with a golf club.  Carpool line starts at 2:45pm and ends at 3:00pm...sometimes before.  Why in baby Jesus' name would you want to sit in a hot (or cold) car that long when you could come get your kid at 3:00 and not even have to wait in line.  Stupid....just like Helen Wanettte Nevin Anna Keller who is responsible for making me wait and wait and wait...


  1. Blahahahahahaha! That's the funniest thing I've read all day. Kudos, Mr. Jason.

  2. guess who's on hold again...they were supposed to send 1,000 of each of 8 designs. Sent anywhere from 888 to 959 per design. The fun never ends!