Friday, January 7, 2011


Can I substitute this blog for Facebook activity? 

I've been on a Facebook strike for about 2 months now. I have no desire to log in at all. But I do think of things that I want to post. I have a very loud inner dialogue that had a legible voice on Facebook. But I don't like what Facebook has turned into for can't I just slap up the things I want in a blog and call it done? Only people who are interested will see. I won't show up in someone's feed. You won't see that I'm playing Mafia Wars. 

It's a common idea that all this "social networking" is nothing more than an exercise in ego. I believe that. Why would you want to know what I had for lunch and how good it looked? You don't. But I think that my daily mundane activities are so interesting to you that I should let you know every time I have a cup of coffee.

By the way, I'm drinking coffee right now. See? Here's a picture of my coffee. You like that, don't you? 

Julie Landry Poole sent me that coffee mug in a care package one year and if this were Facebook, I'd tag her.

We're gonna take web-based ego-stroking to a whole new level, ladies and gentlemen. You'll get to hear all about how fabulous my life is and you will want to be me. OR I will complain and bitch about a new thing every day and you will be glad that you're nothing like me. Either way, it's all about me and what's going on with me. I know you're interested. 

I've added other contributors to this blog, so maybe it won't just be about me. Maybe you'll get insights into all the mundane details of my friends lives as well!!

Stay tuned for pictures and detailed ramblings about the exciting dinner Sarah is cooking tomorrow night for our viewings of Cinderella II & III...

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