Friday, January 7, 2011


I'd like to give you all some homework. You saw that we're getting married, right (not me and you, but me and Matt Martin)? Not only do we need people to fold flowers, we need some suggestions.

The reception for our wedding will not have a DJ as I have more music than most DJs do. After a quick surf through my favorite things, I've decided to play mostly music from 1930-1960 at the reception. I'd like to focus on the Ella Fitzgerald-Louis Armstrong-Duke Ellington-Billie Holiday sound (that means Harry Connick, Jr. will slide in perfectly). 

I have a small collection of these songs, but most of them are main stream and over-played. I will not be playing "What A Wonderful World" but will play "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" (both Satch). So your assignment is to do some research and expose us to some fun old songs. These songs are labeled with many genre's: Big Band, Jazz, Swing, Standards, Easy Listening, etc. But I've found that my Ella Fitzgerald station on Pandora to be right on the money. So your mission if you choose to accept it: Find us some songs! Artist & Song Title, please.

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