Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For Her

Contributed by Sarah:

Amazon reviews for Bic’s new pen “For Her”

“I can’t find a switch to turn it on, and it didn't come with batteries.  This is not the “for her” product I was expecting. At all.

“I bought these pens for my wife.  I assumed they would be safe for her since they are specifically for ladies but she used these for no more than two days before she sprained her uterus.”

“Thank god! My girlfriend continually drops my manly pens when she’s writing out shopping lists, which frustratingly leaves her less time to dress in pink, dream of puppies, then lick the kitchen floor clean you utter numpties.”

“When she wrapped her small but capable hand around the Cristal pen and stroked it, she saw stars, and she knew there were none out tonight.  She let out her breath in a long, uneven moan.  Her thumb rubbed the tip of the Cristal pen, spreading a drop of ink.  She opened her mouth and lay her Cristal pen on her delicate plump moist lips.  She shook the shaft of the Cristal pen with her hand urging the ink out.  It was too much.  She was too good.  She couldn't stop as she crossed washing powder off the shopping list…" 

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